Consumer Protection. Products Quality Control

Consumer Protection. Products Quality Control

The master degree Consumer Protection – Products Quality Control is intended for students who graduated Bologna 1st cycle (3 and 4 study years) in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, engineering, pharmacy. This program offers to the students the opportunity to become experts in the field of consumers’ protection and prevention and control of counterfeiting goods and chemical products. The students will gain the abilities needed to design strategies and techniques for the quality control and to develop models and technical quality assurance systems.

The main topics that will be studied by the students within this master degree program are as follows: Measurement principles of physico-chemical parameters, Composition – structure – properties analysis, Green-durable chemistry, Advanced control methods and techniques, Organic polymeric products quality control, Statistics and probabilities in quality control, Oxydic products quality control, Inorganic products quality control, Food – organic products quality control, Techniques and systems used for quality products evaluation, Laboratory accreditation and metrology, Toxicology and chemical reactivity, Natural products and processes.

Acquired Skills and Abilities
creative application of modern methods and techniques

the ability to communicate the activity results in a demonstrative manner

development of control and quality assurance systems according to the products’ characteristics

the ability to creatively solve specific customer problems

the ability to develop studies and reports which can be applied in the specific field.

practical skills in the field of quality control modern analysis in methods in all economic sectors in order to ensure products and life quality

the ability to implement quality systems according to national and European standards (GLP, GMP, ISO, HACCP)

the ability to develop modern methods for modeling and simulation of industrial technological processes (biotechnology, chemical industry, food industry, consumer protection)

the ability to design and control the processes and technological systems from the goods manufacturing industry

the ability to cooperate with specialists from other fields

concern for achieving consistent products’ quality

other specific skills which are mentioned in the study disciplines descriptions.

Employment Opportunities
The students who will graduate this master degree program will be able to work in:
- specific units as National Authority for Consumer Protection, Offices for Consumer Protection, National Environmental Protection Agency
- Regional Authorities for Public Health, Financial Guard, Regional Associations and Local Committees for Consumer Protection, Mayor’s Control Commission
- private owned quality control and medical laboratories
- qualified NGOs for this field.
Further Professional Development of Graduation
The master degree Consumer Protection – Products Quality Control is continuously upgrading according to the labor market requirements. The program ensures that the students gain advanced knowledge and develop applied research skills. These will enable them to gain access as specialists in the field of engineering sciences. Also, the students will have equal opportunities with specialists from other European countries. This master degree program will stimulate the ability of the students to adapt to the requirements and labor market developments in the EU.
Human Resources and Logistics for Student Education
The teaching staff involved in the master degree program Consumer Protection – Products Quality Control is tenured in the National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA Bucharest. It consists of 15 people (of which 12 Professors and Assistant Professors) from all the departments of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnologies. The Department of Analytical Chemistry and Environment Engineering as well as all the other departments have the infrastructure needed this master degree program. The laboratories where take place the teaching activities are equipped according to the applications from the Syllabus.

All the equipments from the teaching laboratories were bought from governmental funding, as well as research funding. All the equipments from the teaching laboratories were bought from national and international grants obtained by the teaching staff of the departments involved in this program.




Domain Chemical Engineering

Supervising Department

Departament of Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Engineering