Biorefineries and Bioproducts

Biorefineries and Bioproducts

The Master of Science Degree Programs BIOREFINERIES and BIOPRODUCTS has as main objective the training of specialists for production, scientific research and education in a very current field, the field of biorefineries and bioproducts. This objective is determined by the trends in the manufacture and use of these bioproducts at European and global level, in the context of the current trend of conservation of energy resources, use of renewable natural resources for the manufacture of biofuels and organic intermediates and ellimination of environmental pollution. The bioproducts field is in full development because it benefits from the contribution of scientific progress and the implementation of research and development in industry / production, agriculture and medicine.

Acquired Skills and Abilities
Graduates of this master will gain from a professional viewpoint, the following competences:

competences related to research issues concerning natural resources conversion processes for obtaining bioproducts and processing of by-products into fine chemicals;

Knowledge and understanding of complex manufacturing processes involving renewable resource transformation into bioproducts and other bioactive valuable compounds for different industries, food and pharmaceutical or other applications.

Skills related to process optimization in biorefineries and specific field equipment;

Competences in understanding complex functional interactions that occur in an industrial plant between the biochemical reactor and the separation and heat transfer equipment in order to provide an advanced thermal integration;

Capacity performance of common equipment operating in process industries;

Ability to design plant systems considering the economic constraints, environmental protection and operational safety for specific technologies to produce bioproducts;

Ability to use computer tools in the analysis and management of chemical and biochemical processes;

Knowledge related to fundamental concepts of project management, the contents of the feasibility study and business plan preparation;

Ability to creatively apply research and innovation techniques for bioproducts and biorefinery domain;

Ability to develop and to present scientific research reports

Employment Opportunities
Specialists trained in this master program can be employed in a wide variety of jobs in various fields of industrial technologies and biotechnologies or related fields, such as:
- Specialized enterprises (refineries, factories for obtaining bioproducts, units that produce biofuels but also bioproducts - phytopharmaceuticals, natural dyes, natural surfactants, etc.)
- Educational, research and industrial design institutions
- Product quality control laboratories
- Distribution and sale of equipment and bioproducts
Further Professional Development of Graduation
The professional training of master students, after graduation, can be continued and developed through the doctoral study program. Among the teachers who have teaching activities for this master, there are also doctoral supervisors.
Human Resources and Logistics for Student Education
Practical training and computing applications are carried out in the teaching and research laboratories of the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. These laboratories have an appropriate teaching and research infrastructure, as well as a large range of specific licensed software packages (programming environments for scientific computing, such as Matlab, Mathcad, gPROMS, COMSOL, or ASPEN, HYSYS process simulators).

The training of master students is based on an appropriate teaching and research infrastructure at the level of current requirements (laboratory equipment, calculation technique and process simulator applications ASPEN, HYSYS, modern software -

The team of professors involved in the teaching activities in the curriculum of the master program Biorefinery and Bioproducts combines harmoniously and efficiently, the consistent experience of professors with the enthusiasm of younger teachers.




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