Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials

Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials

The aim of the students activity within the study program Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials (SIMONa) is to provide them with a high quality engineering training in the fields of ceramics, glasses, inorganic binders, composites, both in terms of optimizing the manufacturing technological parameters of such high-performance materials, as well as their complex characterization, including the use of modern, high-resolution techniques.

Acquired Skills and Abilities
The study program aims the achievement of educational objectives such as:quality training, which will provide for the graduates, engineering competences in the production of high-utility or high-performance materials, in accordance with the society requirements, including the consideration of the environmental implications;

providing the ability to understand and establish correlations between the obtaining technological parameters, the compositional-structural characteristics and the properties imposed on different materials, the utility functions to which they must correspond;

providing competences in the design and processing of oxide and derived materials, such as ceramics, glasses, binders, composites etc.;

providing working skills in multidisciplinary teams, with optimal valorization of knowledge, regarding the fabrication and characterization of materials using modern, performing techniques;

providing the ability to formulate appropriate engineering solutions in different situations, to take professional responsibility for their impact in certain areas of activity;

graduates awareness about the necessity of permanent accumulation of knowledge, renewal and updating of it during the entire activity.

Employment Opportunities
Our graduates can be employed in:
- companies in the cement, lime, ceramics, glass industry, testing laboratories, factory laboratories, concrete, aggregates plants etc. The related industries are all privately owned, many of them belonging to multinationals that offer attractive employment and professional development opportunities;
- research institutes.

There are cases, quite many, when our graduates build a small/medium production business or they specialize in bachelor, master and doctoral studies to optimize their own business.

Our students are already in contact with the production/research activity during the technological practice, which takes place in factories and research institutes from Bucharest and all over the country.
Further Professional Development of Graduation
SIMONa graduates can choose to specialize through master studies at either the three masters organized by the Department: Science and Engineering of Advanced Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials, Advanced Composite Materials with Special Applications and Micro and Nanomaterials, or any other master program.

After graduating a master program, the professional development can continue through doctoral studies, with six PhD coordinators in the field of Chemical Engineering working in the Department.
Human Resources and Logistics for Student Education
The department of SIMONa is based on professors of highly professional competence, achieved after many years of didactic and research activity, who continue the tradition of the School of Chemistry and Silicates Technology, founded more than 50 years ago by Professor Serban Solacolu.

The teachers team is concerned with the promotion of scientific research, technological development and educational innovation, through national or international cooperation. There are currently partnerships with prestigious universities from France, Germany, Netherlands etc.

The research base in the department allows a professional training at European level and cumulates endowments and equipments of the latest generation worth more than 3 million Euro.




Domain Chemical Engineering

Supervising Department

Departament of Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials  

Years I and II
Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat
Years III and IV


1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat