Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies

Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies

The program entitled Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies is meant to assure a sound engineering education by both, fundamental and specialty disciplines; a distinct stress is put on quality control of food as well as on food production. The intent of curricula is to accumulate general knowledge referring to:
- Understanding fundamental processes and equipment in food industry;
- Comprehending the modern techniques used for manufacture and quality control for principal food products;
- Synthesis and usage for auxiliaries employed in food industry;
- Solving environment difficulties specific to food industry.

These aims are achievable, as they are based on an educational offer containing both, fundamental teaching, as well as specific engineering education; in this way, our graduates can respond to the present and future requirements of the society:
- Quality training, based on engineering skills so that graduates will fully understand the correlation between technological parameters and the quality of food products;
- Training in finding the toxicity of some food foodstuffs;
- Assuring competences regarding contamination of food products by using modern analysis methods;
- Ensuring working abilities in multidisciplinary teams with regard to quality control of food products, by using up-to-date techniques;
- Convincing the graduates of the need for long-life learning (lll).

Achieving an educational program connected to the needs of Romanian food industry has implied establishing strong partnerships with commercial societies in this field. Besides, there are conventions signed with industrial enterprises with the corresponding profile so that students can take practical stages; also, periods spent in research units are available for our students.

Education program has been conceived so that to be attractive, efficiently using the time dedicated to lectures, projects, practical work in laboratories and so on.

Employment Opportunities
Our graduates have many opportunities on the job market: in enterprises dedicated on food manufacture; research centers; interdisciplinary teams; quality analysis of intermediate and final food products; sanitary control; distribution and marketing of food products or specific additives; pre-university and university education.
Further Professional Development of Graduation
These studies may be continued by enrolling for a Master Degree within the same domain.
Human Resources and Logistics for Student Education
The academic staff belonging to nine departments from the faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science possess the necessary didactical expertise and experience; many of them had stages in European laboratories. Professors and younger collaborators participate in fundamental as well as applied research; their results are published in scientific journals, both at home or abroad.

The logistics has been continuously improved, especially by acquiring new modern devices and specific equipment. The students can use up-to-date laboratory equipment, dedicated software, as well as current text books.




Domain Chemical Engineering

Supervising Department

Departament of Organic Chemistry  

Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng.


1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building F, room F014

Years I and II
Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat
Years III and IV


1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat