Chemistry and Engineering of Chemical Substances, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry

Chemistry and Engineering of Chemical Substances, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry

The Bachelor of Science program entitled Chemistry and Engineering of Chemical Substances, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry is focused on offering quality engineering education in the field of chemical organic technology, an area oriented towards resources acquisition with the aid of petrochemistry and carbochemistry, but also dedicated to fine synthesis of drugs, pesticides, cosmetics, detergents, catalysts, dyes, paints, and varnishes. Organic substances engineering is dedicated to optimizing technological parameters for manufacturing such high performance materials, but the education programme does not avoid structural studies (usage of modern, high resolution instrumental analysis techniques), identification of correlations between structure and properties, and not the last, practical use of organic compounds. This specialization demonstrates a responsible orientation towards pollution issues and environmental security.

According to the Education Plan, the programme Chemistry and Engineering of Chemical Substances, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry is set towards the following educational objectives:
- high quality training focused on developing engineering skills related to performance manufacturing and competitive products, according to all society requirements, environment protection regulations included;
- understanding and identifying correlations between technological manufacturing parameters, compositional-structural characteristics and the properties imposed for different chemical structures, given the usage area requirements;
- development of design skills for organic compounds and fine synthesis products manufacturing technologies;
- formation of multidisciplinary team-working abilities, for optimum valorisation of knowledge by boosting capacity to identify engineering solutions, appropriate in different situations;
- raising awareness in graduates about the necessity to permanently accumulate, update, and renew specialised information.

Acquired Skills and Abilities
The ability to identify and to lead the main flowcharts from the following domains: large scale organic synthesis, fine organic synthesis (drugs, pesticides, dyes, cosmetics, etc), petrochemicals and carbochemicals.

The ability to identify functional and technological particularities and knowledge of the modern concepts for the main pieces of equipment used for organic synthesis, petrochemistry and carbochemistry.

The ability to operate the laboratory equipments utilized for structural, physical and chemical characterization of organic substances

Abilities in analyzing and solving specific environmental problems related to technologies for organic substances, oil, petrochemistry and carbochemistry.

Management and marketing in field industry

The design and presentation of a project in terms of autonomy, with the qualified assistance

The organization and work within a team

Assimilation capacity of new techniques and technologies, the ability to communicate in a foreign language

Responsibility to develop a personal self improving program

Employment Opportunities
Information on professional development of alumni proved that graduates of this degree may successfully apply for a large range of jobs offered by:
- industrial installations for synthesis of organic compounds in the petrochemistry and carbochemistry area;
- small and medium size enterprises manufacturing industrial, medical, cosmetic, and household chemicals;
- autonomous and subordinated units of local administration providing public utilities or implementing industrial projects, technical audit, or development strategies;
- organizations involved in the natural resources quality management (air, water), under the framework of the local and national environment protection agencies;
- quality control laboratories for chemicals and human use products;
- import-export agencies for chemical and petrochemical products;
- industrial management units;
- technological design companies;
- project managements companies.
Further Professional Development of Graduation
Graduates may continue their educational pathway enrolling for a Master of Science degree organized by the University Politehnica of Bucharest or other universities.
Human Resources and Logistics for Student Education
The human resources and the logistics involved in the educational programme is continuously developing, starting from the lecture theatres (provided with computers and modern software packages), teaching and research laboratories (up-to-date equipped) and finishing with the academic staff involved, having an impressive teaching, research, and design experience. Having a balanced staff architecture and wide access to literature information, the research activity in the departments managing this degree covers various research directions. Teaching and auxiliary staff, as well as PhD students, and undergraduates in their final year take active part in the research projects.




Domain Chemical Engineering

Supervising Department

Departament of Organic Chemistry  

Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng.


1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building F, room F014

Years I and II
Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat
Years III and IV


1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat