Food Control and Expertise

Food Control and Expertise

The Food Control and Expertise Bachelor`s Degree Program completes the educational offer of University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and addresses the promotion of professional training in food chemistry and technology to provide specialized competencies for the graduates of this specialization:
- General engineer training;
- General training in food and biochemical technologies, exploitation of processes and equipment specific to the food industry;
- Application of modern techniques for control of food production and quality, identification and dosing of food constituents, food additives, food pollutants;
- Identification of environmental issues of the food industry, use of sustainable development principles for agricultural units and food industry;
- Use of basic management and marketing concepts for the food industry.

An important element in the realization of an educational program in accordance with the technical and scientific progress, as well as with the concrete needs of the Romanian food industry, is the establishment of partnerships with the economic environment, with the potential beneficiaries of the university training activity. Agreements for student practical training stages are signed with important food companies and research entities in Bucharest and the country, as well as opportunities for information trainees in production or research units necessary for graduation thesis.

The learning process is tunable, providing attractive and interactive courses, facilitated by teaching materials, efficient use of time for seminars, projects and laboratory activities.

The Bachelor program started in 2010 with provisional authorization and is certified since 2016 receiving the highest rating (INCREDERE) by the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Acquired Skills and Abilities
Identification, description and appropriate use of specific concepts of food science and food safety.

The management of engineering processes, the operation of facilities and equipments in food industry

Supervision, management, analysis and design technologies in food industry from raw materials to the finished product.

Achieving food control and expertise, including consumer protection

Design, implementation and monitoring of quality management systems and food safety

Identify of the environmental problems of the food industry, using the principles of sustainable development for agricultural and food industry units.

Use of the basic concepts of management and marketing for the food industry

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this study program can occupy a variety of jobs in the food industry and related fields as an example:
- companies in the food industry - Danone Romania, Tymbark Romania, Vel-Pitar, Tuborg, SC Unilever South Central Europe SA, S.C. Annabela Conserve Raureni, SC FOX COM SERV, Angst, ICA Research & Development SRL, etc.
- food quality control laboratories from the profile factories as well as ANPC- National Authority for Consumer Protection, ANSVSA- National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, etc;
- National Research Institutes - National Institute of Research and Development for Food Bioresources – IBA,
- distribution and marketing of food products;
- university and pre-university education.
Further Professional Development of Graduation
Master degree programs: Quality Control and Security of Foods; Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products; Expertise of Chemical Products, Food and Materials; Consumer Protection. Products Quality Control; etc
Human Resources and Logistics for Student Education
Teachers attending the study program Food Control and Expertise have teaching and research experience in the field of study program and are part of 16 departments of UPB as follows:
- 6 departments belong to the faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science: Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry C. Nenitescu, Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, General Chemistry, Bioresouces and Polymer Science, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.
- 2 departments belong to Biotechnical Systems Engineering: Engineering of Biotechnical Systems, respectively Mechanics
- 8 Departments of various faculties of UPB Mathematics Informatics, Physics, Communication in Modern Languages , Economics, Electrotechnics, Engineering Graphics and Industrial Design, Economic Engineering, Department of Training for Teaching Career and Socio-Human Sciences

Performance of this program is sustained by the teaching staff specialized abroad and an appropriate infrastructure: modern laboratory equipment, computer software and applications, as well as recent editorial releases.

The research activity is supported by the performant laboratories in the Departments of the faculty and by the creation of the National Research Center for Food Safety- CnpSA, in which some of the teachers involved in this specialization are active.




Domain Food Engineering

Supervising Department

Departament of Organic Chemistry  

Years I and II
Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

Mariana Cristiana TRAIAN

1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat
Years III and IV


1-7 Gheorghe POLIZU St., sector 1, 011061, Bucharest, building L, room secretariat